Wednesday, September 21, 2016


We had spent much of the afternoon searching for an abandoned section of Indian Pass, with no luck.  So we decided to tackle the Dorr Mountain Ladder Trail, and we did get some photos I will post on here.  As it turned out, it had recently rained, not much, but enough so that the further along the Ladder Trail we got, the stone steps became that much more slippery to the point where going any further along the steeper section of the trail would of been extremely dangerous.  The photos we did manage to take will give you a general idea of what the first section of the Ladder Trail is like.

The Tarn - Acadia National Park
The Ladder Trail can quickly be accessed by driving out along route 3 from Bar Harbor, heading toward Otter Creek.  When you get to the Tarn, that body of weedy water on the right,  just beyond Jackson Lab, drive to the far end of the Tarn and look for a area near the far end to park, you will see a worn path down the banking with a sign marked DORR MOUNTAIN LADDER TRAIL.  There is a second pull over area further up the road with another trail but the one closest to the Tarn is the start of the Ladder Trail.
Dorr Mountain Ladder Trail - Acadia National Park

As soon as you enter the woods you come to the first  series of stone steps  which lead to an intersection, the Kane Trail goes left and right and the Ladder Trail goes straight ahead.  That intersection is also the place on an old map that George Dorr labeled as the Gates of Eden.

Dorr Mountain Ladder Trail - Acadia National Park

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