Sunday, July 12, 2015


The start of the Bowl Trail begins across the roadway from Sand Beach parking lot, to the right..  The first section of the trail is pretty much stepping from one rock to another as you make your way along a brook.  Soon the trail crosses large flat sections of smooth granite before coming to the start of the Bee Hive trail on the left.
The Bowl Trail soon enters the woods and the trail becomes easier.  Soon you come to the first trail on the left that leads to the Gorham Mountain Summit.
In recent years sections of this trail have been rebuilt and those sections are very easy to hike along.  The trail than begins to climb upward and you soon come to the second trail on the left that leads to the Gorham Mountain summit.  The further along you go the Bowl Trail becomes steeper before flattening out and than leading downward toward the Bowl.  Around this area you will find a trail leading up to the summit of the Bee Hive - take this trail up the Bee hive if you want to avoid the iron ladder rungs and sheer cliffs. 
Once you reach the Bowl, the trail along one edge is wood planking and easy going.  Keep a lookout for active beaver in the calm waters.  You may also find tired hikers taking a dip in the cool waters of the bowl, and it is also a spot where people come every now and than to swim nude.  There are a couple of abandoned trails in this area, one ran to the right side of the Bowl, making its way up Enoch Mountain.  A second abandoned trail is located in the area where a brook empties into the Bowl - this old trail once made its way down to route 3 noit far from the corner of the Otter Cliff Road, both abandoned trails are hard to locate.

Sticking with the bowl trail, from here you have a few choices. many hikers continue to follow the Bowl trail  and continue along it, hiking to the summit of Champlain Mountain.  Or you could hike back the way you came and return to the Sand Beach parking lot.  The third option would be to go back in the direction you came and hike one of the other four trails you passed on your way up to the Bowl.   The bowl is also a great spot to bring along a picnic lunch to as well.

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